It is possible to either order our publications on This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it , or by post on address MUDr. Marcela Rozehnalova, CEVAP, Zerotinova 42, 130 00, Praha 3 

Adolescents risky behavior and its prevention , 1. special seminar, SZÚ 5.-7.9.2000
A5 format, 180 pages, ISBN 80-902898-0-0, EAN 978-80-902898-0-2, Free Teens Press 2000, price: 190,- Czk

Post experts:Doc. MUDr, Jana Hamanová, Csc. - IPVZ Prague, prof. PhDr. Zdeněk Matějček, Csc. – Prague Psychiatric Center, PhDr. Lenka Šulová, Csc. - FFUK, MUDr. Ludmila Lázničková, MUDr. Slavoj Brichcín - PL Prague, MUDr. Soňa Křemenová -dermatovenerological clinic III.LF UK, MUDr. Věra Kaštánková, RNDr. Marie Brůčková, MUDr. Hanuš Rozsypal, MUDr. Karel Hampl, Csc., RNDr. Jaroslav König, npor. Bc. Zdeněk Smola – police headquaters
Activities presentations of some NGOs working in the field of prevention.

Adolescents risky behavior and its prevention, 2.special seminar, SZÚ 24.-26.9.2001
A5 format, 130 pages, ISBN 80-902898-1-9, EAN 978-80-902898-1-9, Free Teens Press 2001, price: 170,- Czk

Posts experts: Doc. MUDr. Jana Hamanová, Csc., prof. PhDr. Zdeněk Matějček, Csc., Doc. PhDr. Oldřich Matoušek, CSc., PhDr. Lenka Šulová, Csc., Prim. MUDr. Karel Nešpor, CSc., kpt. Bc. Zdeněk Smola, MUDr. Jaroslav Jedlička, CSc., RNDr. Marie Brůčková, MUDr. Věra Kaštánková, Prim. MUDr. Slavoj Brichcín, Mgr. Viktor Sekyt.

Experiences from practice of some NGOs working in the field of prevention.

Adolescents risky behavior and its prevention,
3.special seminar, SZÚ 9.-11.9.2002
A5 format, 160 pages, ISBN 80-902898-2-7, EAN 978-80-902898-2-7, Free Teens Press 2002, price: 190,- Czk

Posts experts: prof. PhDr. Zdeněk Matějček, Csc., Prim. MUDr. Růžena Hajnová, PhDr. Hana Halfarová, MUDr. Eva Vaníčková, CSc., Mgr. Marek Izera, Mgr. Leona Dvornická, PhDr. Eva Kolačná, Mgr. Jan Vodák, Eduard Vacek, Petr Weiss

Presentation of some NGOs working in the field of prevention.

Adolescents risky behavior and its prevention,
4.special seminar, SZÚ 6.-8.10.2003
A5 format, 260 pages, ISBN 80-902898-3-5, Free Teens Press 2003,
price: 220,- Czk
Posts experts: Doc. MUDr, Jana Hamanová, Csc. (risky sexual behavior in maturing period), Prof. PhDr. Zdeněk Matějček, Csc. (What, when and how in children education, Cisis in the family through the eyes of a child), Doc. PhDr. Jiří Pelikán, CSc. (Vanishing points education, Positive thinking) , Prim. MUDr. Karel Nešpor, CSc. (drug problem), MUDr. Karel Hampl, CSc. (drug problem), PhDr. Ladislav Csémy (drug problem), MUDr. Jaroslav Jedlička, CSc. (HIV in Europe), RNDr. Marie Brůčková, CSc. (HIV in Czech Republic), MUDr. Štěpán Rucki, CSc. (effects of hormonal contraception by adolescents), Mgr. Zora Dušková (Child Crisis Center), PhDr. Eva Kolačná (books of ethics for secondary schools and colleges).

Adolescents risky behavior and its prevention,
5.special seminar, SZÚ 6.-8.10.2004
A5 format, 144 pages, CEVAP 2004, price: 185,- Czk

Posts experts: Richard Panzer (How to reach selfcontrol, Interpersonal relationships), PaedDr. Zdeněk Martínek (Buling – variant of aggressive behavior), Mgr. Viktor Sekyt (Roma children and buling), MUDr. Ludmila Lázničková (Hormonal contraception and its risks in the period of adolescence, Natural way parenthood planing), Prim. MUDr. Karel Nešpor, CSc., PhDr. Ladislav Csémy, Prof. MUDr. Tomáš Zima, DrSc., PhDr. Luděk Kubička, CSc. (Alcohol and other addictive substance in children, Prevention within a family, Alcohol and adolescent brain, Harmful effects of marijuana after several years, What should knot people whose parents are or used to be dependant on alcohol, Alcohol a road transport, and others)

Adolescents risky behavior and its prevention,
6.special seminar, SZÚ 3.-5.10.2005
A5 format, 185 pages, CEVAP 2005, price: 180,- Czk

Posts experts: doc. PhDr. Jiří Pelikán, CSc. (Social changes influencing new ideas on charakter of education), doc. PhDr. Dušan Lužný, Dr., PhDr David Václavík, PhD. (New religions and sects), MUDr. Lubomír Hadaš, MUDr. Julie Hadašová (Eating disorders as a chance for the family), MUDr. Vlastislav Chvála, PhDr. Ludmila Trapková ( Eating disorders in terms of family system development), ESPAD 03, Czech Republic, 2003 (Smoking, alcohol drinking and drug taking among adolescents in Czech Republic), prim. MUDr. Karel Nešpor, CSc., PhDr. Ladislav Csémy (How many pathological players are in Czech Republic?), prim. MUDr. Karel Nešpor, CSc. (For beautiful lungs or How to stop smoking), Mgr.Viktor Sekyt (Roma population specifics, male and female role, formation of parental attitudes)

Adolescents risky behavior and its prevention,
7.special seminar, SZÚ 25.-27.9.2006
format, 129 pages , CEVAP 2006, price: 180,- Czk

Posts experts: MUDr Jan Poněšický (Postmodern society and crisis of authority), PhDr. Blanka Čepická ( Message from parents, life scenario, changing), MUDr. Vladislav Chvála, PhDr. Ludmila Trapková (Social birth giving), MUDr. Lubomír Hadaš, MUDr. Julie Hadašová (Functional and disfunctional family systéme and their roles in child personality formation), prof. PhDr. Zdeněk Matějíček, CSc. (Selected essays), RNDr. Josef Wolf, CSc. (Convention on the Rights of the Child), MUDr. Eva Vaníčková, CSc. (Family violance), MUDr. Šárka Poupatová, Mgr. Ján Lukány (Alienation in the family)

Adolescents risky behavior and its prevention,
8.special seminar, SZÚ 8.-10.10.2007
A5 format, 142 pages, CEVAP 2007, price: 180,- Czk

Posts experts: Prof.PhDr. Anna Hogenová, CSc (Responsibility in postmodern time period) Doc.PhDr. Karel Balcar, CSc. (Family life course), PhDr. Andrej Gjurič (Family influence on children's marital behavior), MUDr. Eva Vaníčková, CSc. (Commercial sex in the light of the Czech study. The advent of the nursery school, primary school or their changing. Pre-School and „hostile“ world. Children in the role of victims of violence in the family, school, community and society. Law on Social and Legal Protection of Children §1-67 zák 359/1999Sb.

Adolescents risky behavior and its prevention,
9.special seminar, SZÚ 8.-10.10.2008
A5 format, 124 pages, CEVAP 2008, price: 180,- Czk

Posts experts: Prim.MUDr. Karel Nešpor,CSc. (Pathological gambling among children and adolescents. Preventing abuse risk, prevention programs effectivity, Brief intervention) Doc. MUDr. Marie Staňková, CSc. (HIV/AIDS, developments in the world and Czech Republic, clinical picture) MUDr. Věra Kaštánková (Venereal diseases – Scourge of humanity?) Tony Devine, Joon Ho Seuk, Andrew Wilson (Heat treatment of heart and character), PhDr.Iva Reinerová (Cultivation of esteem in children and its importance in preventing risky behavior) Bc. Hana Oravcová (Social service for families with children as a potential preventive work with children)

What lies behind teenage sex? or Youth risky sexual behavior and its consequences

A5 format, 146 pages, price: 160,- Czk

Introduction to risks of early initiation of sexual life, compared liberal and a targeted approach to prevention, results of studies, experiences with HIV/AIDS, venereal diseases and teenage pregnancies prevention program in the country.

Essays on family, marriage and parenthood

Texts for the seminar „Family education – charakter education“, 80 pages, price: 110,-Kč

Issues and topics discussed: Family as a school of love, Loving personality development, Parentel attitudes, Education responsibility, Family as a school of love Four realms of heart – translation of selected chapters from the book „Cultivating Heart and Character“ - PhDr. Eva Kolačná; Parentel attitudes, Essay on education responsibility or against selfishness - Prof. PhDr. Zdeněk Matějček, CSc.

Character education as the essence of education

120 pages, price: 120,-Czk

Emphasizing universal transcendent values that people cherish no matter their origin. The main aim is to stimulate the moral and emotional intelligence, all the good inside us.

Wisdom in love or how to become a master of good relationships

A4 format, 80 pages, price: 150,- Czk

The book is part of educational programs for youth that are focused on marriage and parenthood education. There is no doubt that young people who are still searching their life spouse and creating their own imagination of future home need advice, inspirations and sensitive guidance in this direction. It helps them to understand what kind of character, behavior, and habits lead towards them once becoming happy married couple and parents. Being able to deny something, invest in relationships more and wait rather than Umět si i něco odepřít, více investovat do vztahů a raději počkat, než to plunge headlong into other amorous adventures.

The marital and parentel love

A5 format, 186 pages, price: 230,- Czk

The book talks and discusses importance of two life decisions: marriage and a moment of us becoming parents. The most important things life is about are not being decided somewhere far away from us, it is not in hands of some authorised person but it is happening right in our home where everyone is the authorised person. Is there actually a way to real family happiness at all? If yes then it is probably the one that leads back to our inner soul. Many times though, we need wise advice and inspiration on this way. Therefore we also prepared for you following essays family, marital and parentel love. Apart from other experts the most quoted her eis professor Zdeněk Matějček who we had that pleasure to personal work with.

Girls meditation on waking and sleep
author Miroslav Matouš

A6 format, 61 pages, price: 100,- Czk

Poetry collection of a girl’s spoken and written confession towards her beloved one. It wants to approach the actual young generation by its real sincerity and courage to commit to wholeheartedly love.

From spring rises – the passing of time
author Miroslav Matouš

A6 format, 62 pages, price: 100,- Czk

With its time transcending confession the poetry collection wants to approach the actual young generation in the hope that even in this time period there can be found people searching the values that are deep and unchanging. First version was published in 2001. The actual final version in divided in three sections developing sequence of love: ts beauty, wisdom and fulfillment.


A5 format, price: 10,- Czk

Designed for work with matutiny teenagers who are dealing with questions like: What are your life goals? What would happen to them if you got infected by HIV/AIDS? How would pregnancy in your 16 affect your future? How would you také care of your child?
Jak byste se o své dítě postarali?

Life without hope

Videodocumet USA, 28 min, Czech dabing, price: 495,- Czk

A personal testimony of a girl who got AIDS,her feelings, lost dreams, the actual sufferings but also some kind of memento for young people in a sense of realizing value of life, love and sex.
"…Oh God! I wish I was just able to tell you what a stupidity is to start with druha, what a stupidity is to have careless sex! There are 15, 16 years old coming to the same doctor I‘ m seeing. And I knwt they got infected by having unsafe sex. I would like to tell them: Just don‘ t do it when you’re too young… Wait untill you grow adults and then get tested for HIV, both man and woman. And after half year again. Then get married and have sex but before that time I do not recommend it to you…"

Free Teens program presentation at schools

Videodocumet, 7 min, price: 120,- Czk

Basic information about Free Teens program, footage from the lectures - info suitable as a basic material for schools and parents.

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