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CEVAP is educational institution accredited by Ministry of Education

The goal of the programs offered by CEVAP institution is to help children and teenagers to:

  • See and understand their value - value of their life, health, love and sexuality
  • Make proper choices in their lives
  • Reject doing things that could put their health and all future in danger or ruin it completely
  • Learn to take responsibility over their lives and decisions.

The programs complete each other, are interactive and use visual documentation (Power Point presentation), results of research, stories, experiences of specialists – medical doctors, psychologists. The programs support possibility of searching protective factors that are very helpful and supportive for teenagers to reject the risky behavior. In all the programs there is appropriately and sensitively incorporated education of healthy and harmonious personality which purpose is to help young people to realize their value and build their life on their good points, value their health, love and sexuality. Another aspect of the programs is preparation for harmonious marriage and mature parenthood.

Other programs offered by CEVAP:
Love and sexuality ethics, Family – the school of love

In case of preparing special program based on specific school needs the price will be discussed and made according to the range and intensity of the program.

1 Growing up
2 Smoking – Your choice
3 HIV/AIDS, STD'S (Sexually transmitted diseases) and teenage pregnancy prevention
4 Wisdom in love or how to become master of good relationships (RQ-Relationship Quotient)
5 Value of myself and others, value of my love and sexuality
6 Eating disorders - Mental anorexia and bulimia
7 WAIT - HIV/AIDS and adolescent risky sexual behavior prevention peer program
8 Efektivní přístup k dospívajícím v oblasti rizikového chování

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