Wisdom in love or how to become master of good relationships (RQ-Relationship Quotient)

Program composed for 9. grade students of elementary, high schools and colleges.
Program is the continuity of “HIV/AIDS, STD´s and teenage pregnancies prevention” program. It has three 2-hour parts. The key is to get to understand own personality, learn to use own good points and advantages, prevent conflicts and learn to solve them, wisely and appropriately work with what ever we bring from our families, gain understanding of differences between men’s and women’s world and learn how to complete these two worlds, become mature personality which is essential precondition for harmonious marriage and mature parenthood in the future.

  • Part 1 – “Your future – Your choice” – 2 hours (Talks about how to create good quality relationships, how the relationship quality connects to the attitude which we have towards ourselves and what impact has our attitude and self perception to the way we accept other people. One of the program goals is to find and learn to use own – often hidden – sources and potential possibilities, learn to know own good and week points, advantages and disadvantages and work on it.)
  • Part 2 – “Relationships” – 2 hours (Ability of building full mature relationships and wisdom in love.)
  • Part 3 – “Creating positive relationships” – 2 hours (Expands and competes Part 2 – mature and immature relationships, principles of healthy spousal communication, pornography, its danger and destructing impact on its consumers and their relationships.)

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