HIV/AIDS, STD'S (Sexually transmitted diseases) and teenage pregnancy prevention

Program is composed for 7.-9. grade of elementary, high schools and colleges.

Interactive program of adolescent risky behavior prevention with a special focus on adolescent risky sexual behavior prevention and its consequences as HIV/AIDS, sexually transmitted diseases and teenage pregnancies. More aspects of adolescent risky behavior and its consequences are included and it also points out risk and protection factors.

Program has two parts (2 and 3 hours) that are presented separately with a gap of cca 1 week.

The program guides teenagers to realize their value – value of their life, love, sexuality, marriage and parenthood. It points out the importance of sexual abstinence in the time of maturing as the best way to protect health of an individual and prepare for fidelity in marriage. It teaches teenagers to reject the risky behavior which can be dangerous for their health and happy future. By offering prevention alternatives and represents strategy of National program to fight AIDS – ABC – A- abstinence, B- be filial, C- condom, the program approaches everyone without exception.

  • Part 1 – “Living in the age of AIDS” – 2 hours (information about HIV/AIDS, sexually transmitted diseases and its risks for sexually active youth, case studies)
  • Part 2 – “Deciding Your Future” – 3 hours (principles of safer sex in terms of practical life, unwanted pregnancy and possibilities of solution – advantages and disadvantages of each particular solution, spousal communication and its impact on child, mother-child communication, position and importance of future father, premature sex and its consequences including feeling destruction, ability of saying “no”, pornography and its impact on healthy sexual development)

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