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CEVAP  (Center for Ethic Education and Social Pathology Prevention) is nongovernmental non-profit organization working in Czech Republic since 1997. It is accredited as educational institution by Ministry of Education.
Since 1997 more than 25000 teens participated in CEVAP programs supporting awareness of main values-value of life, health, love, sexuality, harmonious marriage and responsible parenthood. CEVAP has top experts quarantees. CEVAP also provides workshops for teachers, educators, health and social workers concerning risky behaviour of teenagers and its prevention, education of children and teenagers and their preparation for marriage and parenthood. Since 2000 CEVAP realized 95 workshops through which it approached nearly 3000 participants.
Since 2010 CEVAP extended its work and started to work with couples and parents (supported by grant of Ministry of Social Affairs).
The purpose is restoration of love in the family bult on the principle of unconditional love. In this fiels CEVAP has a great teachers, worldknown Czech psychologist living  in Germany, Jirina Prekop.

CEVAP goals:
  1. Prevention of risky behaviour of teenagers and its consequences (missusing of  addictive drugs including smoking and drinking alcohol, risky sexual behaviour prevention and risky behaviour in mental and social field  prevention)
  2. Character development of children and youth, education of children and teenagers into mature responsible individuals of good character who are capable to create stable, valuable harmonious relationships
  3. Guidance of young people towards the  awareness of their own value, value of health, love and sexuality, fidelity, marriage, parenthood and towards  the responsible choice of life partner
  4. Creating and fixing of moral values, increasing of social competence of children and teenagers,  development of skills to be able to refuse all forms of risky behaviour, selfdestruction, aggressiveness and lawbreaking
  5. Guidance of teenagers towards self-dependent responsible decision making in situations which can fundamentally affect their life (free sex, alcohol, drugs, peer pressure,...)
  6. Family values strengthening - work with couples, strengthening of parental competences (combination of lectures and self-experience)
  7. Guidance of children and teenagers towards responsibility for environment we live in and towards the active participation for its protection and formation

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